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Dobre Instagram prakse; @LittleLambo_

Podjetje Little Lambo je bilo ustanovljeno leta 2014. Ročno izdelujejo visoko kvalitetne otroške mokasine iz najboljšega usnja, ki mu nobena kemikalija nikoli ni prišla blizu. Poleg tega, da vsak par sešijejo na roke, upravljajo meni enega najljubših Instagram profilov. 500 objavljenih fotografij, skoraj 20.000 sledilcev in tudi po nekaj par tisoč všečkov na fotografijo so […]

Lake Planšarsko jezero

I’ve seen this place on so many photos from Slovenia that I just had to see it. Since all the photos were amazing I was expecting something really spectacular. I was – disappointed. Don’t get me wrong. The place is amazingly beautiful but the lake itself is so small you can walk around it in […]


Ljubljana, 14. 2. 2016, by @sanya_lt Meet Ed Norton, amazing (Lonely Planet) photographer, who loves extreme sports, thinks people in Bovec are really nice, whereas caves in Slovenia – not so much. It  was an honour (& fun!) talking to him and finding out lots about photography; Instagram and his cool mum:)) Thank you so […]

Krnsko jezero Lake

Krnsko jezero Lake is a glacial lake situated under Mount Krn (2244 m). It is the largest alpine lake in Slovenia & it lies at an altitude of 1391 metres. Krnsko jezero lake is 400 metres long, 150 metres wide and up to 17 metres deep. There are many paths going to the lake but […]

Snežnik Castle

Snežnik Castle is the best-preserved castle in Notranjska region. It was first mentioned in the year 1268, but the formation of the existing castle reaches back to 1462. The building itself is amazing.  White walls, red roof, stone bridge and a romantic pond with ducks beneath the castle … will simply take your breath away. […]


Ljubljana, 17. 12. 2015, by @sanya_lt Alessandro is the person behind the @alessbix and @master_shots accounts on Instagram (& @alexandertn1 on Twitter). I’ve met him while we were both a part of the Photowall team on Instagram. It was quite funny to discover that joining an American team connected two people living so close together […]


Who? My name is Peter Zajfrid and I come from small town Ruše in north eastern part of Slovenia. I work as electrician, but when I’m off work, then the addiction – that is – photography – starts 🙂 I consider myself an amateure landscape photographer. I started in photography back in summer of 2011.  You […]


Ljubljana, 14. 12. 2015, by @sanya_lt As most of the Instagrammers that keep amazing me I’ve found the @JSFtravel profile while going through photos tagged #igslovenia. I soon discovered that the profile belongs to a lovely American couple whose job is – to travel. Or – is this a full time – hobby? Let’s find […]


Who?  Deja (or Mici, if you prefer), coming straight out of Jesenice in Gorenjska Region, a PhD law student and a junior researcher, working in Ljubljana during the week and rushing back home to Gorenjska Region over the weekend. I’m currently doing significantly better in researching the world as in researching the law. Over the […]