Fancy a trip? Somewhere nice, uncrowded and interesting? Here are 5 excellent trip recommendations to enjoy nature, learn something new, take wonderful photos and indulge in delicious food – all in the Central Slovenia. Together with Visit Ljubljana we have prepared a prize competition for social network users. At the end, 5 winners will receive attractive awards.

Take a trip and discover the Central Slovenia

In addition to Ljubljana, the Central Slovenia comprises 25 towns surrounding the capital city and offering numerous beautiful sights, attractions and adventures which we would like to present to domestic and foreign visitors. The aim of the competition taking place by the end of September is to highlight a quality tourism services in the region and inspire visitors to take a trip.

Every week until the end of September, one place in the Central Slovenia will be presented. In five weeks, the following trips will be promoted:

  1. Kamnik: 20 August to 26 August.
  2. The Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko barje): 27 August to 2 September.
  3. Vrhnika: 3 September to 9 September.
  4. Polhov Gradec: 10 September to 16 September.
  5. Grosuplje: 17 September to 23 September.

We will provide you with recommendations for exciting experiences, the most photogenic locations, suggest good restaurants and other useful information to enrich your trip. The trips themselves will be presented on the Visit Ljubljana while Igslovenia is going to describe the details of the corresponding photo locations and put them on the map in the section Where to in Slovenia.

Your ideas are welcome

We invite you to join us and post your photos from the respective locations and their surroundings on Instagram and draw our attention to places attractive to take photos or trips which we might have overlooked.
The best photo from each of five locations will be awarded, and we will also take note of your ideas. Present your ideas for new locations when posting a photo on Instagram, or write a comment below the presentation of an individual location on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to use #CentralSlovenia.

Prize for the best photo of the location is a lunch for two at the restaurants from the area:

  1. Kamnik – Gostilna Repnik
  2. Ljubljana Marshes – Posestvo Trnulja
  3. Polhov Gradec – Gostilna Grič
  4. Vrhnika – Gostilna Bajec
  5. Grosuplje – Pr Martinet 

The main award is accommodation with breakfast at Eco Resort in Kamnik.

The best ideas and presentations will be included on our website, while the author of the major discovery will receive a special award.

How will the prize competition take place on Instagram?

In the joint campaign of Ljubljana Tourism (@visitljubljana) and @igslovenia, we invite you to post your photos from the Central Slovenia which will be collected on the hashtag #CentralSlovenia. We are looking for the best photos from the respective locations, as well as your discoveries and ideas.

How to participate?

  1. Take a trip to the Central Slovenia or to the archives if you visited those places before. Hey, wait, you maybe even live there?
  2. Check out our recommendations or find out what you think is missing here, worth visiting and photographing!
  3. Take or find photos of what excites you.
  4. Post your photo on Instagram. Don’t forget to add the hashtag: #CentralSlovenia and write down the precise location of where the photo was taken and/or what we see on the photo.

On 24 September 2018, the five best photos will be announced and awarded (one photo for each location). The winners will be presented with attractive awards.

And finally, on 1 October 2018, we will introduce the best locations not included on our list and present the winner with an award as well.

It’s an open invitation: take a trip to the Central Slovenia, share your discoveries on Instagram, and don’t forget to add #CentralSlovenia and precise location. Win attractive awards.

Instameet in the Central Slovenia
The highlight of the competition will be a special event in September – the so-called instameet, where the selected Instagramers will be invited to discover the Central Slovenia with us.