Na Logu – St. Volbenk

Church of St. Volbenk overviews the upper part of Poljanska dolina Valley in Škofja Loka area, between Gabrk and Poljane. It is one of the narrowest part of the valley so the views are not spectacular but the church itself is definitely worth a visit as a photographic object.

It is easy to find – just follow the sign for Gabrška gora and after 5 minuter of windy and narrow road turn left at the sign fort he church. There is not a lot of parking space around so we recommend to leave the car just after you turned from the main road. Looking for the photo spots mind the neighbouring farm and its meadows. One of the best spots to take photos is from the lower dirt road leading to the farm.

Late spring, colourful fall and snowy winter are probably the best times to visit the church.

The church overlooks the pride of the Poljanska Valley – the Visoko Mansion.

Some details of the 400 years old church can also be interesting.

Small sign under the tree with the road leading away could be used for a nice photo as well.