Instameet Kranj; At the end there is always a surprise

Organizing an Instameet is not an easy job. All that decisions: the itinerary, when to start, how long will it take to get from one point to another, what to do if too many people want to attend, will participants have fun, is weather going to support it … you get the picture.

At the end there is always a surprise of some kind and one can be sure only about one thing: people will never see everything you planned for and the event will always run late. But who cares: the idea of Instameet itself is to show just a little bit of the place, just for the start … and then to leave the rest to evolve with the photographers. As we know, the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and who, if not photographers, will search with their own eyes.

On the streets of Kranj
Having said that I can confirm we have found a lot of beautiful places and moments in Kranj. More than 40 people showed up what makes this Instameet the biggest so far in Slovenia. We walked the streets of Kranj, climbed the Water tower (which offers probably the best views of the city but is closed for public) and we had lots of fun meeting new friends. As at the previous one in Koper a lot of photographers attend, among them also people who have never heard about Instagram but had been animated by promotion of a photographic event. It seems ‘photo-walks’ are interesting for everyone who loves photography, not only us, the ‘weird’ Instagrammers.

Under the Water Tower
During the Instameet we talked a lot about photography, about option Instagram offers for promotion of photography and tourist destinations. We have also exchanged many ideas about improving our Instagram accounts. Besides all that, yes, there was coffee, there was beer and, at the end, famous ‘Kranjska klobasa’. (google it!:)

There is no point in writing about photographies, you should see them for yourselves. If you want to know more about what we did, you can check the photos on Instagram. Search for tag #instameetKR. Some people have already published their own (photo)reports, like Ian, Alan and @VisitKranj.

Classic Kranj by @zokus_gf

What’s next?

Well, as we have learned throughout four official (and a few non official) Instameets #igslovenia has organized so far: We like them! We like them a lot! And we will organize more of them, that’s for sure. The next one is surely going to be more suitable for landscape photographers and people who like hiking. And we will prepare them for smallerr teams so it will be easier for all participants to connect and to take photos.

If you want to be a part of the story, be sure to follow our page and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to be informed about everything we do. If you are in charge of a (tourist) destination promotion and would like to invite us for a visit, send us an e-mail to and we will talk about possibilities.

Behind the wall ... by @zokus_gfView from the Water Tower