Ljubljana, 16. 4. 2016 by Sanja Leban Trojar – @sanya_lt

First of all – can you tell us something about yourself? Who are you, what do you do?

Hello! My name is Nam (@laughtraveleat on Instagram) and I am a travel blogger / writer who lives in Hong Kong. I run my own blog: Laugh Travel Eat that documents my travel tips and adventures near or far. My day job is content marketing, and when I am not writing or working, you will find me stuffing my face with egg waffle and bubble tea or catching up on the latest DC TV series while online shopping.

Do you travel a lot? How you pick your traveling destination?

I like to travel as much as I can, because there’s just so much to see in the world and it has become so easy to just hop on a plane and head to an exotic location nowadays. I generally look out for flight deals, though sometimes after reading a book or watching a movie, or even seeing a picture on Instagram and Pinterest will get a place on my radar that makes me really want to go.


Your Instagram profile is full of amazing photos from Slovenia. Can you tell us a little bit about – how you came across Slovenia, when did you decide to visit and what places did you see?

I visited Slovenia last August with my friends as a bit of a graduation trip. We actually wanted to visit Albania, but the flights were too expensive, so we headed for Pula, Croatia instead. Then my friend suggested that we go to Ljubljana and I thought, why not? So we spent two days there before taking a bus to Bled, where I stayed for 4 nights while my friends left on the second due to poor timing on my side. I had another week to go before I needed to be in Italy, so I traveled to Bohinj by myself.

Where did you find information about Slovenia? How did you decide what to see?

I looked everywhere online for a bit, the official tourism page was a lot of help, and I got a lot of inspiration from the @Igslovenia Instagram as well! There aren’t a lot of blog posts out there on Slovenia, especially in the Bohinj region, but I had a lot of help from the staff in Castle 1004 Hostel in Bled in terms of transport etc.

What was your favourite place in Slovenia? What would you say is ‘a must see’ place in Slovenia … especially if you are a photographer?

The classic view point of Lake Bled – Ojstrica. It’s the postcard, picture perfect view of Lake Bled and a pleasant hike up. I only managed to go there on my last day in Bled because of the rain during my stay, and I was so glad that I got to visit there on a sunny day!


Is there a place or thing that you would say – skip it? Why?

Well – Voje Waterfall! Although the hike there was pleasant with a gorgeous meadow, the waterfall itself is not as grand as it looks. As reaching this waterfall involve an extra 2-3 hours hike from the Mostnica Gorge, I would say skip it unless you have the time!

Back to photography; What equipment do you use for taking photos?

My trusty DLSM Panasonic DMC-GM1; I am not a photographic expert by any means, but a semi-automatic mirrorless it’s easy to use and take great photos!

What does photography mean to you?

Photography has become a way for me to record every moment in my life, especially when I am visiting a new place. A moment capture in the camera will forever be there, however, one can easily forget about some place or somewhere. There’s also something special about looking at the world through a different angle, which you wouldn’t normally if you are not holding a camera!

Can you describe us your photography style?

In all honesty, I am a point a shoot kind of girl, though if I see something I like, I will stop and try to find the best angle for it. I can’t say I have a particular style, other than taking tons and tons of photos.


How did you end up on Instagram?

I started my account on my mum’s phone about five years back, but didn’t really started using it until a year after. Eventually I began to post only the photos from my travel when I started my own blog last year. Instagram is an amazing community and resources that fuels my wanderlust like no other! Accounts like @Igslovenia is what keeps me around and hyped up about all the amazing places I have yet to see in the world!

Do you use any other social media channel? If yes – can you compare the experience with using Instagram?

Pinterest is the other social media channel that I use frequently. It’s similarity to Instagram ends on both of them being visual. While Instagram is like a photo sharing site, Pinterest is a noticeboard. You can find me on Facebook, also.

How often do you publish photos on Instagram? Do you interact with other people on Instagram?

I publish a photo daily! And because I do genuinely enjoy Instagram, I go through my feed every moment I get and try to comment on every photo I find interesting. Being a frequent user myself, I know that every comment means a lot and it only takes a button and a few words to make someone’s day.

What would you say are the most important ‘rules’ that every Instagrammer must follow? Or – it would be good to follow?

Try not to be fake. I know that there are lot of people who are trying to grow their accounts (business or otherwise), but the whole following – unfollowing technique is one of the most annoying thing I have ever come across. If you don’t like someone’s feed, don’t follow and expect a follow back then unfollowing them.



Uporaba ključnih besed

Ja, ta vrag. #hashtag ali ključna beseda. Kolikokrat sem že slišala, kako nepotrebna navlaka na Instagramu so ključne besede, kako grozljivo izgledajo ob fotografiji, kako so ljudje, ki uporabljajo ključne besede, obupanci, ki nujno potrebujejo pozornost.

Narobe. Če kje, so ključne besede pomembne na Instagramu. Iz več razlogov:

Prvi in verjetno najpomembnejši je dejstvo, da se okoli ključnih besed na Instagramu dogaja praktično vse. Kreirajo se interesne skupine, zbirajo in iščejo se fotografije, fotografije se izpostavljajo in Instagramerji se povezujejo.
Instagram dovoli, da k fotografiji dodamo 30 ključnih besed. Moje priporočilo bi bilo, da uporabimo vse razpoložljive. Pri tem je pomembno, da sledimo nekaterim napotkom.

Bodimo natančni in ključne besede izbirajmo v povezavi s fotografijo oz. sporočilom, ki ga naša fotografija nosi. Uporaba specifične ključne besede nas bo namreč povezala z našo ciljno skupino.

Če za primer vzamemo ključno besedo #slovenia; Ta je za našo državo najbolj splošna, a tudi praktično neuporabna. Na fotografije jo lepijo vsi, še najraje spemerji, ki jih je Instagram poln (glej prvo fotografijo). Če želimo, da naša fotografija Slovenije doseže tiste, ki jih resnično zanima, moramo poznati prave ključne besede in skupine, ki se na te ključne besede navezujejo. Take so; #igslovenia (glej drugo fotografijo), #thisisslovenia, #kampadanes, #ifeelslovenia in druge. Vse to so ključne besede, za katerimi stojijo profili in skupnosti, ki jih naša vsebina, torej fotografija zanima.

FullSizeRender (3)

Enako velja za povsem drugačne vsebine. Če s fotografijo promoviramo naš izdelek, na primer – avtomobil, ni dovolj, da fotografijo označimo z generično ključno besedo #avto oz. #car, ampak smo bolj natančni; dodamo vsaj še specifično znamko (#vw, #bmw …) in, še bolje, preverimo ključne besede, ki te skupnosti povezujejo; #bmwi8, #bmwlife in podobno.

Uporaba pravih, specifčnih ključnih besed je nujna tudi zato, da nas Instagram uporabniki, ki so za našo fotografijo (produkt) zainteresirani, sploh najdejo. Ob ključni besedi #slovenia je tako zbranih preko 750.000 fotografij, iz česar je jasno, da se ena sama fotografija hitro izgubi. Ne razumimo se narobe; To ne pomeni, da se generični ključni besedi za vsako ceno izogibamo, pomeni le, da ji dodamo še bolj specifične.

FullSizeRender (4)

Na Instagramu obstaja ogromno profilov, ki imajo svojo ključno besedo (Primer; Profil @igslovenia ima ključno besedo #igslovenia). Nenapisano pravilo, ki se ga poslužujemo čisto vsi, pravi; V kolikor uporabim tvojo ključno besedo pod svojo fotografijo, ti dajem dovoljenje, da mojo fotografijo na svojem profilu deliš naprej. (Z navedbo avtorja fotografije, jasno!)

Za objavo fotografij na @igslovenia tako vedno izbiram samo med fotografijami, ki so označene z #igslovenia. Tako delajo tudi vsi drugi profili. Cilj vsakega Instagram profila, naj bo last posameznika ali podjetja, je (ali pa bi moral biti) – doseči kar največ uporabnikov. Zato si vsi želimo, da nas opazijo in po možnosti delijo našo fotografijo. Večji kot je profil, več kot je sledilcev, več ljudi dosežemo. Preprosto. Brez uporabe ključnih besed do delitve ne pride. (Izjeme, to so profili, ki kradejo fotografije, so tu, da pravilo potrjujejo.)

Ključne besede k fotografiji dodajmo ob času objave fotografije. Včasih je Instagram sezname fotografij ob ključnih besedah razporejal časovno, glede na to, kdaj je bila ključna beseda dodana. To je marsikdo izkoriščal in nenehno menjal ključne besede, saj je to pomenilo, da se je fotografija ob vsaki spremembi ključne besede pojavila na vrhu seznama, ki to besedo spremlja. Temu ni več tako in čeprav ste ravno dodali ključno besedo, se bo fotografija v seznamu (t.i. feedu) pokazala glede na čas objave fotografije in ne ključne besede. Zakaj je to pomembno? V določenem seznamu (feedu) bo vaša fotografija na vrhu, torej – najbolj opazna le takoj po objavi fotografije. Več kot je fotografij povezanih z določeno ključno besedo, hitreje bo vaša fotografija drsela po seznamu navzdol.

Prav zato, ker fotografije v teh seznamih prehitro izginjajo, je včasih bolje uporabljati manj popularne ključne besede (tiste, na katere je vezano manjše število fotografij), saj bodo fotografije tako bolj opazne.

Do pravih ključnih besed bomo prišli zgolj in le z raziskovanjem. Vedeti moramo, kaj objavljamo, kaj sporočamo in koga želimo doseči. S preprostim brskanjem med ključnimi besedami si bomo hitro sestavili nabor ključnih besed, ki ga seveda nekam shranimo in k vsaki objavi kopiramo. Seznam popravljamo in dopolnjujemo glede na to, kako se naše vsebine spreminajo in seveda, glede na to, kako naše ključne besede učinkujejo. To sproti preverjamo z uporabo programov kot je Iconosquare.

A analitika je zgodba za drugič, danes le še droben namig; Ključne besede vedno zapišite v komentar in ne v spremni tekst k fotografiji. Ključne besede v komentarjih opravljajo enako funkcijo kot v spremnem komentarju, le malo manj opazne (beri; moteče) so.