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Alessandro is the person behind the @alessbix and @master_shots accounts on Instagram (& @alexandertn1 on Twitter). I’ve met him while we were both a part of the Photowall team on Instagram. It was quite funny to discover that joining an American team connected two people living so close together – since Alessandro lives just across the border, in Italy. We talked a lot & I’ve learned do much from him. So – sharing an interview with a dear Instagram friend – is a must!

So, can you tell us a few things about you?

My name is Alessandro and I’m an Italian biologist from Trieste . I’m an amateur photographer taking photos for fun but always trying to improve my skills. I use a canon Eos 650D but I always have with me my little canon IXUS , even if many pictures on my feed were taken and edited with my iPhone. I don’t have a specific style, I love woods, mountains, water, sunsets, lights … I mostly take photos of nature, I don’t edit much, often not at all.

foto 2
What does photography mean to you?

What I like about photography is the fact that it can stop time and freeze the moment. Being a photographer is not about being a pro or about what gear you use, everyone can take a great shot simply using a phone.

How did you end up on Instagram?

It was just another app I wanted to try back in 2012, obviously the try must have turned into some kind of addiction if I’m still here.

How often do you publish? Do you interact with other people on Instagram? What would you say are the most important ‘rules’ that every Instagrammer must follow? Or – it would be good to follow? 🙂

I always try to post at least once a day. Sure I interact with other users and I love to keep in touch with friends from all over the world. My advice to other users would be; Be different , be social and be active. Also; Don’t post to get likes but post what you like.

foto 1

This is the second time (as far as I know) that Instagram made you ‘the suggested’ user. What does this mean for you?

Yes I must admit, that is was totally weird!  I was suggested user twice and obviously there is no magic trick for hitting the suggested users list. The first time Instagram selected me while I was posting a very unedited pictures series , I mean neat no freaky stuff, no fake colours, I guess that paid off.

So – there is no magic formula how to get noticed by Instagram?

As said I don’t know any existing formula, they constantly check feeds and main tags, things changed a little bit since Facebook acquired Instagram but I honestly don’t think there are algorithms or specific ways to get noticed.
I also know you as the co-founder of the @Master_shots profile? When did you start it? How?

Yes, We founded @master_shots together with Jelena, a great partner and the best admin I know so far. The page wouldn’t probably exist and surely wouldn’t be so popular without her devotion and impressive job. Master_shots profile was funded back in July 2013 and started posting features and running contests like any other page, outstanding selections and great working team made the rest.

How do you pick photos to feature there? What does ‘a good photography’ mean to you – in sense that it deserves a feature on the @Master_shots profile?

Ah that’s an interesting question, basically there is some weird obscure rule that makes some photos work and others don’t even if they are both totally amazing. There are many factors to consider but they unfortunately or fortunately – can’t be 100% managed. Master_shots has its own style which is different from other cool hubs. Being featured means you are very cool at taking photos, no matter if you are popular or not, you just – stand out.


You live near Slovenia. How often do you visit?

Actually I live on the border and I spend a lot of my time in Slovenia but I must apologize cause I know just few Slovenian words and 99.9 % of them are related to food and drinks.

What are your favourite (photogenic?:) places here? 

I absolutely love the Bohinj area and Bled, I have a thing for Ljubljana but I also find the seaside amazing.

If we want to get to know the area you come from a little better – who should we follow, except you, of course?

Well if you want to see amazing spots, urban photography and a great mood you must give @ralfmalf a check, his gallery is impressive. There are also some local hubs you can check out like @igersfvg, @instaitalia, @igersitalia, @ig_italia and probably some other pages. 



Who? My name is Peter Zajfrid and I come from small town Ruše in north eastern part of Slovenia. I work as electrician, but when I’m off work, then the addiction – that is – photography – starts 🙂 I consider myself an amateure landscape photographer. I started in photography back in summer of 2011.  You can see my work at my website or Facebook.


Why Instagram? I started my social network presence as most photographes do this days, on Facebook. I knew Instagram was there, but it just didn’t get me going till recently. I heard more and more, If you want to get noticed as photographer, you must go to Instagram so I joined and love it :). People that told me so were right, all that matter in photograpy are there.


What are your favourite places in Slovenia? My favorite place to take photos is by far Pernica Lake :). Other places are Plač Tower, Zavrh Tower, Pohorje hills and all the Slovenian Hills region around Lenart.





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As most of the Instagrammers that keep amazing me I’ve found the @JSFtravel profile while going through photos tagged #igslovenia. I soon discovered that the profile belongs to a lovely American couple whose job is – to travel. Or – is this a full time – hobby? Let’s find out!

Can you present yourself? Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?

We are an American couple, Sarah & Kris, travelling full time. In April 2014, we left our jobs, sold everything we owned and set out on a journey to travel the world. What we find most fascinating about travelling is experiencing different cultures. We love learning about the people, food and local customs in the places we visit.

For 20 years, Kris worked for an airline. His flight benefits allowed him (plus spouse, once we got married!) to fly for free. He has been travelling much longer than me to places I still haven’t been, like Egypt, Brazil and Scotland. With the number of years, he worked at the airline, he was able to take an early retirement while keeping his flight benefits; therefore, we pay only a very small fee to fly, which helps tremendously in budgeting our travels.

My background is in journalism and marketing. I like finding the story about a place and sharing it with other people. When we decided to travel full time, I created our blog as a way to tell stories of the places we were visiting to our family and friends back home. Just as much as I like using words to tell stories, I also like capturing images with my camera and let the photos show the story.

IMG_8155 (1024x682)

How does your life look like? How much do you travel?

We are essentially homeless – without a home or possessions to return to – so we are constantly travelling. However, we do travel slowly. Staying in one place for a month at a time allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the area. In between our longer stays, we pick destinations along the route where we might stay for a week or two at a time.

How do you pick your destinations? Where do you search for information about a new country, new destination?

There is so much of the world that we want to see that we often find it difficult to choose where we will travel to next! In our first year of full time travel, we were actually travelling ‘around the world.’ We had a goal of circumnavigating the world in a year’s time, which we did. We travelled west, starting in South America – and spent time on six continents before arriving back in the United States for a short visit. During that time, we chose destinations based on westward travel.

Now as long term travellers with no specific route, many things come into play when determining our destinations. We choose where to go based on affordability, accessibility and interest-at-the-moment. (Example: After spending winter in Melbourne, Australia, we caught the end of summer on the coast of Croatia.)

At this point, there are very few places that don’t interest us – we want to see it all!

IMG_7912 (1024x683)

Are you professional or amateur photographers? What equipment do you use for taking photos?

I am an amateur photographer; a hobby photographer, actually. I use a Canon Rebel T2i with a 18-55mm lens – and I almost always carry my camera with me. In rare occasions, I use an old (and more portable) Canon Power Shot. Kris uses his iPhone and, honestly, it sometimes takes the better photo.

Can you describe us your photography style?

I don’t really have a photography style. I like to takes pictures of the things I see – and I want my photos to retain a real-life quality to them. My favourite pictures are the ones that tell a story all on their own, without any words needed.

IMG_7876 (1024x683)

How did you end up on Instagram?

Instagram is a travel’s delight! We wanted to connect with other travellers, as well as have a place to display our photos – Instagram is perfect for that!

How often do you publish? Do you interact with other people on Instagram? Who would you recommend to follow?

We publish on Instagram once a day, but throughout the day we interact with the people we follow – and the people who follow us. We love the Instagram community. Seeing pictures around the world fuels our passion for travel.

Who would you recommend us to follow?

Jewelszee,  NoDestinationsTheTouristinHeckticTravels & Nomadasaurus.

IMG_7959 (1024x671)

Slovenia? How/when did you decide to visit? Why?

Slovenia was on our list for a long time before we actually visited! We were drawn to the country for its beautiful scenic landscapes and the fairytale city of Ljubljana. We spent two weeks in Ljubljana last spring – which is not enough time!

What are your favourite places here?

We loved everything we saw in Slovenia – city, mountains, rural countryside, so it is difficult to pick one place. Being in the historic old town of Ljubljana was magical, but the natural beauty of Lake Bled was our favourite.

Which place is (for you) the best to take photos?

The entire country is very photogenic! We loved taking pictures along the river in Ljubljana’s old town. However, the best place to capture the splendour of Slovenia was from the hills that surround Lake Bled. The view of the lake from above by far surpassed any other vantage point.

What would you say to a first time visitor – what is ‘a must see’ place in Slovenia? See Lake Bled; slow down and take it in!

What did you miss while staying here?

So much! We didn’t make it to the coast or Piran. And, although we rode through the countryside, we didn’t stay in the rural area. We would love to explore the smaller towns in Slovenia and more of the mountains, as well.

What are your plans for the future? Coming back to Slovenia?

We plan to keep travelling for as long as we can. We definitely see another trip to Slovenia in our future – there is still so much more to see!

IMG_8143 (1024x683)


Who?  Deja (or Mici, if you prefer), coming straight out of Jesenice in Gorenjska Region, a PhD law student and a junior researcher, working in Ljubljana during the week and rushing back home to Gorenjska Region over the weekend. I’m currently doing significantly better in researching the world as in researching the law. Over the past few years mountains have become a huge part of my life and helped me to achieve a healthier state of mind and body.

Why? I use Instagram to share fragments of my life with the rest of the community and to keep some kind of an instablog. The idea of making a real blog has crossed my mind, but as you have probably noticed it on my feed – I would rather be outside. Thanks to Instagram, I have also met amazing people, who I can now call my friends.
Most of my pictures are taken with my good old Sony Nex 3 camera or with my iPhone 5s. And sometimes, I use my boyfriend as a self-timer. 🙂

What? Mostly rocks of all shapes and sizes in Julian Alps and nature scenery form Upper Sava Valley, as they are practically my backyard. I enjoy discovering new, less known mountain paths and mountain tops in that area or rediscover the ones I’ve already walked and reached. I like to observe them from different angles in different seasons and in different time of the day. The experience is never the same. If I had to choose my favorite view, it would probably be the view from Srednji Vrh to Martuljek mountain range. And my favorite mountain? Well, I have to keep some things to myself. But if you ask, I might tell you.

Uporaba ključnih besed

Ja, ta vrag. #hashtag ali ključna beseda. Kolikokrat sem že slišala, kako nepotrebna navlaka na Instagramu so ključne besede, kako grozljivo izgledajo ob fotografiji, kako so ljudje, ki uporabljajo ključne besede, obupanci, ki nujno potrebujejo pozornost.

Narobe. Če kje, so ključne besede pomembne na Instagramu. Iz več razlogov:

Prvi in verjetno najpomembnejši je dejstvo, da se okoli ključnih besed na Instagramu dogaja praktično vse. Kreirajo se interesne skupine, zbirajo in iščejo se fotografije, fotografije se izpostavljajo in Instagramerji se povezujejo.
Instagram dovoli, da k fotografiji dodamo 30 ključnih besed. Moje priporočilo bi bilo, da uporabimo vse razpoložljive. Pri tem je pomembno, da sledimo nekaterim napotkom.

Bodimo natančni in ključne besede izbirajmo v povezavi s fotografijo oz. sporočilom, ki ga naša fotografija nosi. Uporaba specifične ključne besede nas bo namreč povezala z našo ciljno skupino.

Če za primer vzamemo ključno besedo #slovenia; Ta je za našo državo najbolj splošna, a tudi praktično neuporabna. Na fotografije jo lepijo vsi, še najraje spemerji, ki jih je Instagram poln (glej prvo fotografijo). Če želimo, da naša fotografija Slovenije doseže tiste, ki jih resnično zanima, moramo poznati prave ključne besede in skupine, ki se na te ključne besede navezujejo. Take so; #igslovenia (glej drugo fotografijo), #thisisslovenia, #kampadanes, #ifeelslovenia in druge. Vse to so ključne besede, za katerimi stojijo profili in skupnosti, ki jih naša vsebina, torej fotografija zanima.

FullSizeRender (3)

Enako velja za povsem drugačne vsebine. Če s fotografijo promoviramo naš izdelek, na primer – avtomobil, ni dovolj, da fotografijo označimo z generično ključno besedo #avto oz. #car, ampak smo bolj natančni; dodamo vsaj še specifično znamko (#vw, #bmw …) in, še bolje, preverimo ključne besede, ki te skupnosti povezujejo; #bmwi8, #bmwlife in podobno.

Uporaba pravih, specifčnih ključnih besed je nujna tudi zato, da nas Instagram uporabniki, ki so za našo fotografijo (produkt) zainteresirani, sploh najdejo. Ob ključni besedi #slovenia je tako zbranih preko 750.000 fotografij, iz česar je jasno, da se ena sama fotografija hitro izgubi. Ne razumimo se narobe; To ne pomeni, da se generični ključni besedi za vsako ceno izogibamo, pomeni le, da ji dodamo še bolj specifične.

FullSizeRender (4)

Na Instagramu obstaja ogromno profilov, ki imajo svojo ključno besedo (Primer; Profil @igslovenia ima ključno besedo #igslovenia). Nenapisano pravilo, ki se ga poslužujemo čisto vsi, pravi; V kolikor uporabim tvojo ključno besedo pod svojo fotografijo, ti dajem dovoljenje, da mojo fotografijo na svojem profilu deliš naprej. (Z navedbo avtorja fotografije, jasno!)

Za objavo fotografij na @igslovenia tako vedno izbiram samo med fotografijami, ki so označene z #igslovenia. Tako delajo tudi vsi drugi profili. Cilj vsakega Instagram profila, naj bo last posameznika ali podjetja, je (ali pa bi moral biti) – doseči kar največ uporabnikov. Zato si vsi želimo, da nas opazijo in po možnosti delijo našo fotografijo. Večji kot je profil, več kot je sledilcev, več ljudi dosežemo. Preprosto. Brez uporabe ključnih besed do delitve ne pride. (Izjeme, to so profili, ki kradejo fotografije, so tu, da pravilo potrjujejo.)

Ključne besede k fotografiji dodajmo ob času objave fotografije. Včasih je Instagram sezname fotografij ob ključnih besedah razporejal časovno, glede na to, kdaj je bila ključna beseda dodana. To je marsikdo izkoriščal in nenehno menjal ključne besede, saj je to pomenilo, da se je fotografija ob vsaki spremembi ključne besede pojavila na vrhu seznama, ki to besedo spremlja. Temu ni več tako in čeprav ste ravno dodali ključno besedo, se bo fotografija v seznamu (t.i. feedu) pokazala glede na čas objave fotografije in ne ključne besede. Zakaj je to pomembno? V določenem seznamu (feedu) bo vaša fotografija na vrhu, torej – najbolj opazna le takoj po objavi fotografije. Več kot je fotografij povezanih z določeno ključno besedo, hitreje bo vaša fotografija drsela po seznamu navzdol.

Prav zato, ker fotografije v teh seznamih prehitro izginjajo, je včasih bolje uporabljati manj popularne ključne besede (tiste, na katere je vezano manjše število fotografij), saj bodo fotografije tako bolj opazne.

Do pravih ključnih besed bomo prišli zgolj in le z raziskovanjem. Vedeti moramo, kaj objavljamo, kaj sporočamo in koga želimo doseči. S preprostim brskanjem med ključnimi besedami si bomo hitro sestavili nabor ključnih besed, ki ga seveda nekam shranimo in k vsaki objavi kopiramo. Seznam popravljamo in dopolnjujemo glede na to, kako se naše vsebine spreminajo in seveda, glede na to, kako naše ključne besede učinkujejo. To sproti preverjamo z uporabo programov kot je Iconosquare.

A analitika je zgodba za drugič, danes le še droben namig; Ključne besede vedno zapišite v komentar in ne v spremni tekst k fotografiji. Ključne besede v komentarjih opravljajo enako funkcijo kot v spremnem komentarju, le malo manj opazne (beri; moteče) so.



Who? Hi, I am Miroslav Rajković (@mrajkovic), an UI/UX designer and fashion enthusiast by week and an adventurous explorer during the weekend. From Monday to Friday I mainly spend my time pushing pixels up/down while crafting visual masterpieces and interfaces for a mobile apps based company.
In last couple of years I have also done plenty of fashion, commercial and wedding photography, the latter of which you can see on my HOUSE of M2O website, done in collaboration with my colleague photographer.

File 08-12-15 13 46 34

Why photography? Why Instargam? I mainly spend my days in front of the computer so whenever I have some time to spare, I like to spend it away from civilization, somewhere where I can hear my own heartbeat in the spacious and almighty nature. Instagram comes in handy when I want to share highlights from my getaways!

What are your favourite places in Slovenia? Most of the time I am wandering in Gorenjska Region, where most of my photos are from. It’s impossible to define my favourite spot, since the whole region is amazingly wonderful. In most cases I try to take photos of landscapes while at the same time making sure to capture people in them as well. This is to help the viewer have a sense of scale and at the same time make the photos feel less empty and desolate. It also makes it easier for the viewer to imagine him or herself in the scene.

File 08-12-15 13 58 09

P.S; Although I own a professional DSLR camera, all of my Instagram shots are made with an iPhone and edited in VSCO Cam. People get often surprised by this fact, but I rather travel lightly than bother myself with a large and bulky camera, that isn’t pleasant to jump around with.

Processed with VSCOcam with j4 preset


Who? My name is Jaka Ivančič, I was born & raised in Koper but I now live in Ankaran. I can say that I fell in love with photography when I was a child, we have been in a committed relationship for a few years now and also the future looks bright for us:) I’m a freelancer working on different projects; One of them is being the official photographer and video producer for Radio Capris, others are also mostly connected to photography, mainly landscape, food and events photography.


Why Instagram? Instagram is one of 3 social media platforms that I use to promote my work (others are Twitter and Facebook). I use a digital camera (Canon 5D MK III) to share my photo impressions, mostly – landscape photography, and I also use my Iphone 6 to capture others moments of my life.


What are your favourite ‘photo-places’ in Slovenia? Since I live in Slovene Istria and since – I simply love it, I take most of my photos here. Piran, Koper, Izola and everything around is my playground. Although the area is not large I always manage to find a new place and a new view.


11393446_970217856331250_5477800775043022013_o (1)

3 pravila za začetek; Kvaliteta, komunikativnost in stil!

Prvi zapis seveda mora biti namenjen najbolj osnovnim Instagram ‘pravilom’. Zdi se, da so ta vsem poznana, a po nekaj letih upravljanja in spremljanja različnih profilov lahko mirno zatrdim, da temu ni tako. Slabe fotografije, preveč ali premalo njih in nič ali pa napačna komunikacija, to so spodrsljaji, ki si jih najpogosteje privoščijo tako posamezniki kot podjetja. Zapis je tako namenjen – obojim.

Pojdimo po vrsti;

Kvaliteta pred kvantiteto!

Super je, če veliko fotografiraš, malo manj super je, če prav vse fotografije objaviš na Instagramu. Po možnosti takoj. Pravilo naj bo; Manj kot 10% fotografij, ki se znajdejo na tvojem telefonu ali fotoaparatu, naj konča na Instagramu. Fotografije skrbno preglej, preveri motiv, ostrino, kompozicijo, simetrijo, premisli, kako se bo fotografija obnesla v tvojem profilu (glede na prejšnje objave) in šele nato – objavi.

#minihint1; Lepo te prosim, če ne gre ravno za kak hudo artistični pristop, fotografijo poravnaj!

Objavljaj vsaj enkrat dnevno, da sledilci ostanejo aktivni, objavljaj največ dvakrat dnevno, obvezno s premorom vmes. Največ všečkov fotografija prejme v prvih dveh urah, zato ji pusti, da ‘zadiha’ in šele nato objavi novo. Večina večjih profilov na Instagramu si za premor med objavo dveh fotografij pusti vsaj 6 ur.

Instagram je družabno omrežje, namenjeno izmenjavi fotografij. Dobrih fotografij. Naj ne postane odlagališče tvojih vsakodnevnih banalnih opravil (slabe fotografije hrane in pravkar nalakiranih nohtov ne zanimajo – skoraj – nikogar) in naj tvoj profil ne bo sam sebi namen.

Ko brskam med fotkami za objavo na @igslovenia, sem včasih presunjena, kaj vse najdem. Zrnato, neostro, spackano, postrani, odrezano … Če je tebi vseeno, kako fotografija zgleda in kaj sporoča, bo vsem ostalim tudi.

Kvaliteta za družabnostjo!

Lahko si še tako dober fotograf z najboljšo opremo, to na Instagramu enostavno ne bo dovolj. Instagram je v prvi vrsti družabno omrežje in tako se moraš tudi obnašati. Če kdo misli, da je zgolj objava (super) fotografij dovolj, se moti. Vsi uspešni Instagramerji so povedali, da so se za svoj profil nagarali; Vsi, ki so prešli mejo 100.000 sledilcev, pojasnjujejo, da so najprej komentirali in všečkali druge fotografije, da so se pogovarjali in predvsem – vedno zahvalili. Še danes znajo reči hvala, ne glede na to, kdo jih pohvali ali objavi njihovo fotografijo. Zanimivo spoznanje, povezano z urejanjem profila @igslovenia, zagotovo je; Slovenci se redko zahvalijo. Ne gre nujno za zahvalo nam, ekipi @igslovenia (a tudi ta se marsikdaj prileže:), ampak vsem tistim, ki komentirajo in hvalijo objavljene fotografije.

Tudi vprašanja pogosto ostajajo neodgovorjena. Kot da jih ni. Instagram ni enosmerna komunikacija, kjer nekaj objaviš in to je to. Če ga dojemaš na ta način, lahko pričakuješ, da bodo sledilci … enosmerno odtavali stran.

#minihint2; Ko kaj komentiraš, sprašuješ ali odgovarjaš (tudi na tvojem lastnem profilu), nikoli ne pozabi uporabiti oznake @ in uporabniškega imena. Samo z aktivnim linkom bo nagovorjeni opazil zapisan komentar.

Uči se od dobrih in imej svoj stil!

Čeprav se zgornje ‘pravilo’ na prvi pogled bere precej shizofreno, dejansko drži. Vsak od nas si izbira Instagramerje, ki jim sledi, z razlogom. Zakaj se od njih ne bi tudi učili? Vprašaj se, zakaj ti je neka fotografija všeč, zakaj nekomu slediš, kaj je tisto, kar nek profil dela res dober. Ne škodi, če kdaj poskušaš ponoviti kako dobro fotografijo, ne z namenom kopiranja, ampak z namenom – učenja. Da ugotoviš, kaj gre in kaj ne.

Kljub temu, da se je vedno dobro učiti, je dobro biti tudi samosvoj. Ko prebiram razlage, kako nekdo postane ‘predlagani Instagram’ uporabnik, vedno naletim na eno podrobnost; Instagramerji, ki jih Instagram izpostavlja, imajo svojstil. To je jasnona prvi pogled. Kar preveri zadnjih nekaj objav na Instagram profilu in poglej Instagramerje, ki so tam objavljeni. Drznem si trditi, da pri vsakem lahko prepoznaš nek stil, ki zaznamuje njegovo galerijo.

Intsagramerji, ki so že bili izpostavljeni, so vsi tudi povedali, da je Instagram najprej želel videti in slišati njihovo zgodbo.Vprašanje zate torej je; Kakšno zgodbo pripovedujejo tvoje fotografije?




Who? @aob01 🙂 Beleive it or not, photography is my stress relief. Usually I take photos on my way to work or back home and over the weekends, when we go with family out of town. That’s why my Instagram stream has so many jumps from one theme to another and that’s why I hope you’ll like it. For more of my work – check out my blog.

Why  (Instagram)? It’s simple and it works as a crossplatform for posting on different social networks. Also – it is easy to follow others & their work.


What (can I show you)? Let’s say my specialty is street photography, some night photography and of course everything else. Parts of Slovenia? Most southern part, called Bela krajina and Ljubljana.





Who? My name is Aleš Krivec / @dreamypixels and I am a hobby landscape photographer. The majority of my photos are from Slovenia, a hidden jewel of Europe, showing high Alpine peaks, emerald rivers, vineyard countryside, medieval castles, thriving cities and the small but distinctive coast. I have a website called DreamyPixel along with my friend Ana Medja (she is more focused on urban photography).

Male hiker observing the sunset at the top of the local big mountain. The photograph was taken in Karavanke mountain range in Slovenia.

Why (Instagram)? I like Instagram because it’s a fast and fun way to share your photos and trips with people through a series of images. It’s also a very good way to discover how certain locations look in different seasons. I regularly check certain hashtags to check if the conditions are already like I would like them to be (like if the trees are already orange enough :). And it’s a great way to discover new, interesting views.


What (are the places that you love & know the most)? I have fairly good knowledge of Julian Alps and it’s peaks & the upper Karavanke region.

Beautiful autumn landscape in Julian Alps. Larches are glowing in the early morning.

Mokrice castle at night with a starry night above. Dark and peaceful atmosphere under milky way.

bled-island (1)